Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Local authorities have responded to the lockdown’s cycling surge by creating pop-up cycling facilities. Employers could benefit by following suit.

More employees cycling to work is beneficial at any time but especially during a pandemic. Even if you’re not seeing a rise in cycle commuting at your workplace yet, you can guarantee that staff are thinking about it. Give them a nudge by making it more appealing. There are lots of good reasons to be cycle friendly and invest in facilities such as high-quality cycle parking. There are other things that you can do right now to instantly let staff know that cycling is an encouraged option.

Firstly, don’t forget to remind staff that they can get a bike through Cyclescheme. There’s a shortage of entry-level models right now; Cyclescheme will enable them to more easily afford one of the better quality bikes that haven’t sold out.

Prove you’re keen to help your workforce commute safely. Why not implement one of these pop-up cycling solutions? 

Outdoor parking

Cycle stands like those you see in town centres are sufficient, since all cyclists should own a good lock. A ‘toast rack’ of five hoops – parking for ten bikes – costs around £300 ex-VAT. Bolt it to a hard surface in a convenient location at least a metre from a wall.

Bike Toast Rack

Indoor parking

Toast racks can be installed indoors too. But if there’s a lockable door to the outside world, all you really need are wall hooks. They’re available cheaply from DIY stores or bike shops.

Wall rack

Pump & repair stand

A workplace pump makes it much easier for staff to fix a puncture or top up tyre pressure; many new cyclists won’t have a floor pump of their own. You could install a proper repair and pump stand for around £1,000 ex-VAT. A cheaper option would be to buy a floor pump with a metal base, such as the £52 Lezyne Steel Floor Drive, drill a couple of holes in the base, then bolt it down.

Pump & repair stand


Short-distance cycling at a steady pace doesn’t necessitate a shower. For some staff, however, a shower will be a deal-breaker for cycling to work. You can buy a freestanding, portable one for less than £1,000 ex-VAT; you’ll need a water source, power, and drainage. Alternatively, hire one or two like festival organisers do.

Any steps you can take towards encouraging and supporting your cyclists will likely be appreciated. And we’d bet that the more support you show, the more applications you’ll get coming in!