Check out our videos for employers. They're full of stats, facts and information on why cycle to work schemes make sense. Don't forget, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes - from 1 man bands to many of the UK's largest organisations.

Why employers love Cyclescheme

It's often claimed that cycle-to-work schemes are laborious or admin heavy, but this is simply not the case. To prove our point we asked one of our star employers Pact Coffee to answer a few questions about why they are so passionate about Cyclescheme.

Luckily not only did Laura (their super HR manager) wax lyrical about the benefits of having staff that cycle but she also notes how easy it is to sign up and the quality of our straight forward processes!

The health benefits of cycling

Cycling to work is an easy, convenient way for your colleagues to fit exercise into their daily life. By cycling to work they can fit in a little exercise every day and barely even notice it. This video highlights many of the overwhelmingly compelling health benefits that result from cycling regularly (even just a little bit).

Watch our employee videos:

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