Active Benefits is a new range of added value offers that we and our partners are excited to offer to our employers. We have strived to produce a small number of high quality offers and services that will provide real value and support our core proposition of incentivising cycling.


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Automatic enrolment with Bike Register

Bike Register is the UK’s largest cycle database and aims to reduce cycle theft, identify stolen bikes and assist in owner recovery.  Bike Register securely holds your employees bike details, and if your bike is stolen it can be ‘flagged’ as such in the database.  Registering with Bike Register increases the chance of your employees being reunited with their bike in the event of it being stolen.

Registering with Bike Register alone will not make your employees’ bikes less desirable for thieves, as such we have also secured an exclusively negotiated 25% discount on Bike Register QR Code labels that give employees’ bikes a unique Bike Register ID and provide a visual deterrent to potential thieves.

Once you are auto enrolled with BikeRegister all new and future Participants of the scheme will automatically be registered with BikeRegister upon collection of their bike; this minimises the work for the participant and allows them free to enjoy their new ride.

Clearspace Shower Hubs

Clearspace Shower Hubs

We are delighted to offer you a significant discount on two Shower and Change Unit Shower Hubs, courtesy of Clearspace Buildings.

In response to the needs of our SMEs and participants, Clearspace has proudly announced the launch of the Shower Hub Duo Express in addition to its stand out original Duo 1.0 two unit model.

Like the Duo 1.0 model, the Duo Express Shower Hub features two shower and change facilities, although on a slightly smaller scale, while retaining the key design and performance features you deserve. The result of the development is a more cost effective facility which can be fitted into the most compact sites while offering amazing value.

  • Entry level Shower Hub, RRP £21,995 – save £1,250 on RRP
  • Standard Shower Hub, RRP £30,000 – save £1,850 on RRP

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For more information, to request  brochure or to discuss discounts on larger Shower Hub configurations, please visit or contact Clearspace on 0845 153 0085 or email


Clearspace Shower Hubs

Falco parking systems

We can offer our employers an exclusive 10% discount on Falco's range of cycle parking systems.

Falco has been designing and manufacturing cycle parking products for over 50 years and can help clients whether in the public or private sector to achieve a maximum number of cycle spaces in any given space. Their portfolio includes an unparalleled range of cycle stands, cycle racks, cycle lockers, cycle clamps and advanced cycle products.

From cost-effective cycle parking using the traditional Sheffield Stand, to the worlds most popular A-11 Cycle Rack, the space saving FalcoLevel Two-tier Cycle Rack and the exceptionally secure FalcoSafe Cycle Locker, Falco has a huge range of different products to suit any budget, location or requirement. 

Clearspace products


Your Cyclescheme discount code is: CYCLESCHEME_4017649. Please note that this is an exclusive discount code for Cyclescheme customers and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


To discuss your cycle parking project or requirement further, please visit or contact Falco's technical sales team on 01538 380080 or by email at