Can I apply?

If you are a working adult aged 16 or over, you are eligible to join Cyclescheme. Your employer needs to be signed up and your earnings should be more than the National Minimum Wage after the salary sacrifice is taken from your gross salary. To find out more about eligibility, visit our FAQs.

I know my employer code

If you've decided on your dream cycle-to-work package, chosen a Retailer and you're ready to roll - it's time to log in with your employer code and apply. If you have your employer code, please enter it in the employer code box on our homepage then click 'Let's get started'.

Go to our homepage  

I don't know my employer code

An employer code allows you to apply via your specific employer's scheme. You may not know your employer code for a few reasons...

  • Is your employer signed up? Ask your line manager or contact your HR department.
  • Are you self-employed? You can sign yourself up as long as you pay your tax via PAYE.
  • You've forgotten the code? Contact your line manager or contact Cyclescheme.
You haven't got an employer code?      Visit our FAQs
You are an employer yourself and wish to sign up!      Visit our employer area
You would like to encourage your employer to sign-up.      Invite your employer
You'd like to contact Cyclescheme?      Contact us