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Cycle to Work Day: What’s in it for employers?

Cycle to Work Day: What’s in it for employers?

Employers play a huge part in making Cycle to Work Day the success it is. The aim is to get people to try – and then switch to – a cycle commute to work. And here’s why that’s important.

Workers who are physically active take 27% fewer sick days than their inactive colleagues.
Source: British Heart Foundation 

Commuters who cycled were associated with a 41% lower risk of premature death…  cycling to work is associated with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of heart disease, compared to a non-active commute.
Source:University of Glasgow (BMJ)

Actively promoting cycling also generates additional car parking spaces, improves staff retention and boosts advocacy. And when your company is a member of a tax-efficient Cycle to Work scheme such as Cyclescheme, you’re also saving money for both your staff and your business (remember, offering lifestyle benefits can increase engagement even with those who don’t take up the scheme personally – as well as those you’ll impress in the recruiting stakes).

Here are three things you can do to promote cycling to work straight away, through National Cycle to Work Day on 13th September 2017:

  1. Tell your staff! Encourage employees to ride on the day.
  2. Run an event for your staff – even if it’s just a free coffee and croissant when they arrive at the office, or maybe a photo-shoot (with bikes of course!) of participants.
  3. Write a press release to celebrate your cycling success as an organisation, and what it’s done for your people.

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