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eCertificates FAQs

eCertificates FAQs

We're speeding up Certificate delivery times by switching on eCertificates for everyone.

What is an eCertificate?

A Cyclescheme Certificate contains the information required for a scheme participant to collect the equipment they have selected from their chosen Partner Store securely.

An eCertificate is an electronic Certificate that is sent securely to the participant via email.

What are the benefits of eCertificates?

The key benefit of eCertificates is that they will be sent immediately after we have received payment from an Employer for the equipment package, cutting Certificate delivery time by a minimum of 2 days compared to paper, and reducing the risk of Certificates getting lost in the postal system.

Due to being electronic, other processes such as amending store details and the re-issuing of Certificates can be actioned instantly. Participants can access their eCertificates conveniently and simply via the e-mail account they used to register with Cyclescheme, e.g. from their work or home computer or mobile devices. 

How do employees use their eCertificate?

The eCertificate is redeemed in exactly the same way as a paper Certificate. The Cyclescheme eCertificate contains 2 key pieces of information, the Certificate Code and the Redemption Code. Both items of information need to be presented to the store with photographic ID for equipment to be collected.

Do I need to do anything regarding eCertificates?

You do not need to do anything. When you have an existing account issuing paper Certificates, Cyclescheme will automatically create a new eCertificate scheme within your account.