Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Get any of The Top 10 commuting bikes of the year through Cyclescheme

Get any of The Top 10 commuting bikes of the year through Cyclescheme

Commuting is the most accessible form of cycling, and for many people, replacing the car or bus with a bicycle is their introduction to cycling. recently ran a series of top 10 bikes of the year from different fields from road bikes, to mountain bikes and of course commuting bikes.

Not only was the run down comprehensive and may well be of interest to yourself and your colleagues. The great news was that all of these 10 bikes are accessible via the Cyclescheme Cycle to Work Scheme.

The list includes bike models from brans such as; Raleigh, Mango, B'Twin, Verenti among others. You can view the full list of Top 10 Commuting bikes in the table below.

Top 10 Commuting Bikes of The Year

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With all these bikes being available on Cyclescheme this means your colleagues can save at least 25% on the price while spreading the cost. That makes for savings of a minimum of £92.51.

How are these savings made?

If you'd like to be reminded how the Cyclescheme Cycle to Work Scheme enables you and your employee's to save money, here's how. You (the employer) buys the bikes and/or accessories at full retail price. The balance is then recovered from a reduction in the employees’ gross wages (salary sacrifice). Through salary sacrifice, employees can expect to save a minimum of 25% whilst employers benefit from worthwhile National Insurance Contribution savings of up to 13.8% too.  

The end result? You generate savings on every bike you process through the scheme!

If you would like to read the Top 10 Commuting bikes of the year article from you can find it here.