Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Getting your employees in gear

Getting your employees in gear

Get more of your staff in the saddle with our suite of marketing materials - from inspirational ideas through to print-ready posters and flyers.

Marketing Suite:

Cyclescheme teamed up with an award winning digital agency to deliver an exciting marketing suite for you to use to encourage employees to start cycling to work. This includes original photography of everyday cycle commuters and gets to grip with cycling as a mode of transport – not a sport.

Marketing Suite Images

Your new marketing suite is packed full of print-ready posters and flyers to use to promote your Cycle to Work scheme. 

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Watch the Cyclescheme ‘Getting employees in gear’ webinar and discover simple and effective ways to promote your Cycle to Work scheme.

In our webinar we reveal the 3 types of cycle commuter in your office, and equip you with easy to implement ideas to connect with each type - from posting practical information about your scheme on your intranet, to creating excitement at a retailer event.


Cycle Commuter Magazine:

Cycle Commuter is a free magazine that’s packed full of articles and features to support existing cyclists and encourage others to make the leap and cycle to work for the first time. Features include info on how to plan your commute, road positioning best practice, and details on how Cyclescheme works. There’s also the latest must-have bikes and cycling accessories to be tempted by.

Cycle Commuter is completely free, and can be shared digitally with your teams. 

Cycle Commuter Issue 19

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Cyclescheme Offers:

We’ve launched Cyclescheme Offers; a round-up of the best bikes and cycling accessories deals from Cyclescheme retailers. Employees can take advantage of these deals and stretch the value of their Cyclescheme Certificate even further, whilst enhancing their savings.

To take advantage of a featured deal on Cyclescheme Offers, participants will need to shop directly (online or in-store) with the retailer. All deals featured are for a limited time only, and Cyclescheme cannot guarantee availability.

Cyclescheme Offers

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Pack out your HR calendar with bike events like Cycle to Work Day. Events like this give employees the opportunity to try cycle commuting in a fun and friendly environment. Plus, there a great platform to carry your corporate health and wellbeing messages.

Find out more about Cycle to Work Day and see how your organisation can get involved.

Cycle to Work Day

Find out about Cycle to Work Day

Action Packs:

The odds are that most of your workforce would benefit from cycling - but many require a little encouragement before they get in the saddle. We're indentified the 3 types of potential cyclists in your office and share our top tips and resources for getting them cycling with your Cycle to Work scheme. 

Should-be Cyclists

Should-be Cyclists are those who quite simply have no reason not to cycle commute. A Should-be Cyclist could be an employee who lives within 5 miles of work and instead of sitting in traffic queues, could cycle their commute in a fraction of the time. It could be an already highly active employee for whom cycling is another great way to boost their wellbeing, or your Should-be Cyclist could be an employee who needs to reduce their outgoings each month, and swapping the travel card for cycling is a quick solution. 

Download Should-be Action Pack

Would-be, Could-be Cyclists

Would-be, Could-be Cyclists are individuals who love the idea of cycling, but never make it onto a bike. With a motivational prod in the right direction, cycling to work suddenly makes a lot of sense to these employees (it’s one of those light bulb moments...) Whilst engaging Would-be, Could-be Cyclists can take time, they’re more than worth the effort. With cycling, these employees have the potential to be happier, healthier, and greener members of staff. What business wouldn’t want that!

Download Would-be, Could-be Action Pack

Committed Cyclists

Committed Cyclists are the foundation of your cycling efforts. After all - cycling for these colleagues isn’t just a way to get from A to B, but a way of life. But sometimes even the most passionate cyclists can fail to see how your Cycle to Work scheme can benefit them. These employees may believe the scheme is for new cyclists only (those who need a bike and accessories); but Cyclescheme benefits current riders too. They can upgrade their cycle accessories tax-free, with no new bike required.

Download Committed Cyclist Action Pack

Other ways to encourage employees to start cycling to work:

Here’s a few other ideas for things you can do to make it as easy as possible for your employees to start cycling to work.

Offer Safety Training

Safety concerns is the biggest barrier to taking the leap into commuting by bike. You can help reduce these worries and increase your employees’ confidence in their riding abilities by offering training on how to ride safely.

Provide Incentives

You could provide a financial incentive, reward staff who ride regularly to work with extra holiday time (like an additional 5 minutes holiday per cycle commute), or help them get even healthier by providing free food – perhaps a nutritious breakfast or lunch once a week, or access to a fruit box.

Install Shower Facilities

While it’s perfectly possible to cycle without sweating, the thought of starting the day sweaty and dishevelled is enough to deter many people from taking the plunge and swapping the car for a bicycle.

While it’s often not possible, installing showers in your office can mitigate those concerns entirely, and increase uptake of your cycle to work scheme.

Provide Secure Storage Facilities

Shower facilities can make a big difference to how many of your staff cycle to work, and how often, but when asked which provision cyclists felt was most important for their employer to offer, secure cycle parking came out tops.

Need more reasons your employees should start cycling to work? Read our post on the benefits of cycling to work.

If you have questions or want to share your progress - contact us via or @cycleschemeltd.