Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

It's no longer just 'saving money on a bike', it's about 'creating cyclists'.

It's no longer just 'saving money on a bike', it's about 'creating cyclists'.

Cyclescheme is taking a more holistic approach to cycle to work. Find out how...

Cyclescheme and Love to Ride have a shared mission to get more people cycling.

How are we going to acheive this you might ask? Well, before we get to that let's recap on who Cyclescheme and Love to Ride are, and most importantly, what each organisation respectively does...

Cyclescheme is the UK's most impactful cycle to work provider - making it easy for employers to impliment the cycle to work scheme and ensuring employees can save money & spread the cost on any bike, from any brand, anywhere

Love to ride are a global leader in behaviour change with a specific focus on cycling - they've develped a specialist cycling encouragement platform that's seen over 100,000 people take to cycling since it's inception.

You can instantly see that the two organisations make natural bedfellows. And we're really excited about how we're going to exponentially grow cycling participation levels together.

It's no longer just 'saving money on a bike', it's about 'creating cyclists'

Cyclescheme has been saving working adults £££ on bikes for well over a decade and we're pretty good at it (800,000 people united with their perfect commuter kit to date) but we want to do more than just save people money on equipment. We want to create cyclists. 

This is why we've teamed up with the fantastic people at Love to Ride. Their philosophy is that getting a bike is only half the battle! First of all you need to want a bike AND once you have a bike you NEED to feel safe and confident riding it. 

Their cycling encouragement platform fills in the gaps that just getting a bike leaves behind. 

Behavior change theory:

Love to Ride has been designed with behavior change principles, techniques and tools at its core. This is to ensure that their approaches are as effective as possible at encouraging cycling.

 Brain Target

Know your audience

Targeted Information

They use quick surveys to discover key information about each person, how often they ride, what barriers they face, what their goals are.

They are then able to provide people with information that is relevant to them. Relevant and timely information helps to inform and engage.

 Barrier  Thumbs up

Overcoming Barriers

Reinforcing Behaviour

Because they find out the specific barriers each person faces, they can effectively support people in overcoming them so they can cycle to work.

People can record their rides, see their stats stack up, receive positive reinforcing messages, set goals and earn incentives and rewards.

Making it happen

Cyclescheme and Love to Ride are officially partnered and as a result the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community has been born.

The community...

✔ - is free for all UK cyclists to join

✔ - can be joined via the Cyclescheme request process

✔ - has £30,000 worth of prizes to be won annually

The holistic approach

Cyclescheme customers can now rest assured that when they implement their cycle to work benefit, they are getting much more than just a cycle to work scheme, they are getting a complete package that will support them in creating a culture of cycling in their workplace. 

From the point that an employee might be considering getting a bike, all the way through to the rider that's doing 150 miles a week and is chasing points on the platform's leader-board, the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community will be there nudging people along and nurturing their desire to be riding more.

Why does cycling matter?

Cycling (it has long been said) offers us a simple solution to some of the worlds most complex problems. When people ride bikes good things happen, these often include:

✔ - Slower, safer communities with less air pollution

✔ - Happier, healthier individuals that are more productive

✔ - Better bottom-lines - less sick days and reduced staff turnover 

Want to get involved?

If your an employer that's not part of Cyclescheme there's really no excuse! Our service is free and you can sign up here.

If your an employer that is already working with Cyclescheme (kudos), you can promote Love to Ride straightaway, there are resources here.

If you're a rider (or a would-be, could-be rider) then get yourself over to our Love to Ride community and sign up - all the help and motivation you need awaits you.