Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

New digital marketing suite for all MySchemes products

New digital marketing suite for all MySchemes products

The team at Cyclescheme believe promoting our benefits to your colleagues should be easy. It's as simple as that.

As a result we set the hares running (or more aptly, the commuters pedalling) and tasked our marketing gurus and tech whizzkids to deliver a solution that ensured Cyclescheme, Computingsheme and Childcarescheme could be effortlessly (yet effectively) promoted to workforces with only a few clicks of a mouse. 

The results are in and we are over the moon to present you with the new MySchemes Marketing Suite. 

The marketing suite can be accessed by logging into your Cyclescheme/MySchemes Account and clicking on the 'Marketing' tab. Within this section you will be able to utilise a bundle of easy to understand tools to help make marketing your schemes easy, these include:

  • A custom poster builder

  • A resource finder that includes eFlyers, posters, example packages, videos, banners & webtext

  • A function that enables you to send customised welcome emails

We run through each of these tools in a little more detail below...

Our NEW custom poster builder:

To make sure your posters include the detail your staff need and are customised to reflect your business's brand we have created an easy to use custom poster builder. The builder allows you to choose a style of poster that suits your agenda and customise it with your logo, custom Cyclescheme URL and text of your choice. 


There are currently 6 styles of poster to choose from:


Once you have added your logo and typed in your custom text all you need to do is click 'Create your poster' and voilà you will have a beautiful, custom PDF poster waiting for you in your downloads folder. 

Self service resources:

Posters are nice, but they are by no means the be-all and end-all of a modern marketing plan. So, next up on the 'easy' train we have self-service digital resources (which is a essentailly a posh way of saying 'electronic stuff you can easily download to help you promote your scheme'). 


To access the suite of resources all you need to do is head over to the 'Marketing' tab then click on 'Additional promotional material'. Here you will be presented with a smörgåsbord of electronic promotional resources...


You can filter for the type of resource your require by clicking on the 'Type' button. This will be present you with a list of options, i'll quickly run through these below and note how to best execute each item:

  • Poster
    • There are over a dozen static poster available in this section. They are designed to be printed and then placed around your workplace (think canteens, staff areas and hallways).
  • eFlyer
    • eFlyers are small digital flyers that can be easily included in emails to your colleagues. Make sure you link the image to your personalised Cyclescheme URL (you can find this on your Cyclescheme dashboard).
  • Brochure
    • The brochure section includes our employer handbook. The handbook has advice on managing the scheme and payroll. 
  • Webtext
    • Our selection of web-text documents include all the written info you will ever need on the scheme. You can grab the copy and paste the text onto your intranet or utilise it in staff newsletters or internal communications.
  • Web banner
    • We have a range of animated web banners that you can insert on intranet pages or within any web based appliactions.
  • Powerpoint
    • We have Powerpoint slide you can use on TVs or monitors that staff will see. We often see these utilised in staff cafeterias.
  • Video
    • We have both process and Commuter Tales videos that can be embeded in intranet sites or shared with colluegues via links in emails. These videos are great and definately worth checking out. 

 Here is an example of what you would see if you had chosen to download an eFlyer:

Customised welcome emails:

Last but not least... custom emails! This function is as Ronseal as it sounds, it's a tool that enabables you to send all your staff a fantastic looking email at the click of a button. 


The tool is super simple and very smart; enabling you to choose who you send the email to in a couple of ways.


Firstly, you can choose to email staff that have used other benefits we provide (as we have their details). This means that at a most basic level you can ensure that the staff who are engaged with your benefits program get to hear about the introduction of your new Cyclescheme, Computingsheme or Childcarescheme benefit.


If you want to make sure your entire workforce are given the info they need to get involved, you can either enter your colleagues' emails addresses separated by a comma or upload a CSV file that includes their details. Once, you have taken either or these steps, all you need to do is hit send and an email will be dispatched to your workforce. The email is automatically customised and includes your custom Cyclescheme URL (it works in the same way for all your MySchemes benefits).


Below is an example of the new Cyclescheme welcome email:


To start taking advantage of the new marketing suite, log into your MySchemes account. 

Log into MySchemes and promote your scheme