Updates to Cyclescheme & Computingscheme documents

Cyclescheme, 06.06.2014

Updates to Cyclescheme & Computingscheme documents

This month will see the introduction of the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (CCR).  This piece of legislation seeks to enhance the provision of information to consumers entering into service and sales contracts and is replacing the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 (DSR).

The changes will affect our Cyclescheme and Computingscheme services and come into force on Friday 13th June 2014.

In accordance with the requirements of the CCR, Cyclescheme Ltd will be making some small changes to our employee/employer agreements and communications sent to participants that will positively impact your employees who join our schemes.

What are the key CCR updates?

Here’s a summary of the key CCR requirements that are relevant to the provision of our Cyclescheme and Computingscheme services:

  • Cancellation period extension: The CCR extends the period during which a scheme participant can cancel the agreement they have entered into from 7 WORKING DAYS (under the DSR) to 14 CALENDAR DAYS beginning the day after the participant collects/receives the equipment they are obtaining.
  • Right to cancel information: The CCR legislation also prescribes clearer presentation and availability of information relating to the participant’s right to cancel and the effects of cancellation. 
  • Cancellation Form provision: The legislation further prescribes provision of a ‘Model Cancellation Form’ for participants to complete if they wish to cancel their agreement.

Which documents are changing?

We’re proud to say that much of the information requirement in the CCR legislation is already provided for within our documentation and, hence, the changes we are making are small.

For your information, the following documents and information will be updated for 13th June 2014: 

  • Cyclescheme Hire Agreement & Computingscheme Payment Plan: The cancellation rights wording will be amended to reflect the 14 calendar day cancellation period with reference to the CCR.
  • Participant ‘Requested’ and ‘Approved’ email communications: The automated email communications sent to participants (upon confirmation of their request and approval of the agreement by you, the employer) will contain updated wording further detailing their right to cancel and clearly stating how and to whom they communicate their cancellation notification.  The emails will also contain a link to a ‘Model Cancellation Form’ that the participant can download, complete, and return to Cyclescheme.
  • Information resource update: We have completed an audit of our website information and promotional material to ensure all reference to DSR and cancellation rights are amended in accordance with the CCR legislation.

What you need to do

Thanks to our automated systems, you do not need to do anything to implement the changes.

Cyclescheme will provide the new agreements and the Cancellation Form to your future participants automatically.  You will see a new ‘scheme’ appear in your administration area on the Cyclescheme platform and all applications received on or after 13th June 2014 will use the updated documentation and be stored separately on the system in this new ‘scheme’.

In order to ensure the highest standards of audit trail, the updated agreements for Cyclescheme and Computingscheme will have unique version control numbers:

Cyclescheme Hire Agreement:

Previous version number: V5.0.1

Updated version number: V5.0.2


Computingscheme Payment Plan:

Previous version number: V1.0.4

Updated version number: V1.0.5

Any questions? 

If you have any questions relating to this change please do not hesitate to contact us on productmanagement@cyclescheme.co.uk.


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