Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Why your business should sign-up to Cycle September

Why your business should sign-up to Cycle September

For 2019, businesses from around the world are registering to take part to access the excellent benefits available to your staff and your organisation when more people ride bikes.

Last year, 1,197 UK organisation took part in Cycle September.

For 2019, businesses from around the world are registering to take part to access the excellent benefits available to your staff and your organisation when more people ride bikes.

Cycle September

So why are businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors taking part in Cycle September - the Global Bike Challenge?

It’s because Cycle September is:

A proven approach to getting more people riding in your workplace – behaviour change theory and techniques are at the core of all Love to Ride programmes. We’ve been running and refining the programme over the last 11 years. We provide live stats and leaderboards so you can track progress, compare performance and celebrate success within your organisation.

A great wellbeing and healthy workplace programme - whether your staff ride to work every day lycra-clad, or haven’t been on a bike in many years, Love to Ride is for all staff to take part in. By addressing barriers and motivators, we target information, support and guidance based on individual needs,. From cycling holiday prizes to tips on buying your first bike, from sharing life-changing stories, to topping the commuter leaderboards or riding to work for the first time - we’ve got it covered!

Bags of Benefits to Business – By taking part your business stands to benefit from healthier, happier, more productive employees, lower car parking costs and reduced local roads congestion, improved team cohesion, reduced sick leave and absenteeism. We engage with businesses and support them to engage their staff, and thus we’re able to help you achieve great things and to invest in a more active, healthy workforce.

Easy to run – we know how busy you are, so over the last 12 years, we’ve worked hard to develop systems that make it quicker and easier to roll the programme out internally. By identifying  ‘cycle champion’ at your workplace and giving them the tools to promote each programme to their colleagues we can have the biggest reach and impact (and find people who can help you to make the programme a success)

Engaging and insightful - a great user experience gets equally great results and we’ve created a fun, engaging, accessible platform for your staff - as well as a measurable, competitive and successful platform for your organisation.

It’s Exciting and Fun – a little friendly competition - both within your office and within your industry – all helps to get people engaged and enjoying taking part in the bike challenge program.

Tailor your engagement - when it comes to getting more staff cycling, Cycle September is ideal programme. And for those businesses that wish to invest in more and benefit from a year-round behaviour change and cycling encouragement platform with 4 seasonal interventions - the next step is Ride365. Whether you have single or multiple offices in the UK or are a multinational business - Love to Ride is adaptable to suit your organization.

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How to take part in Cycle September 

Individuals and their workplace will compete against others of a similar size to see who can earn the most points for riding and encouraging. Points are earned for every mile and day ridden plus every person you encourage to take part.

At the end of the month, workplaces in top positions on the national leaderboards will win equipment to improve cycling facilities at their workplace.

Your business will also stand out against industry competition as an organisation that helps to foster healthier, happier staff.

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