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Commute Smart: How to negotiate roundabouts

Commute Smart: How to negotiate roundabouts

British Cycling offer their top tips for cycling successfully around roundabouts

British Cycling has created the ‘Commute Smart’ series; a collection of short videos that tackle common commuter questions and provide handy advice for staying safe on two wheels.

This week, British Cycling share their top tips on approaching, travelling around and coming off roundabouts. Roundabouts can be a daunting prospect for new and existing cycle commuters alike, due to the flow of traffic and negotiation of lanes required. By confidently signalling your intention, making eye contact with drivers, and taking control of the lane, cyclists can travel through roundabouts with ease. Watch British Cycling’s latest video for simple advice to help you tackle the roundabouts on your journey to work. 

At Cyclescheme, our mission is to create cyclists. That’s why we bring you the best cycling advice and know-how so you’re equipped with the knowledge needed to cycle with confidence, and ultimately, to cycle safely.

Look out for the next video in the British Cycling ‘Commute Smart’ series, coming soon to the Cyclescheme blog. 

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