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Help your staff unlock the benefits of riding to work with Love to Ride

Help your staff unlock the benefits of riding to work with Love to Ride

Spring is a great time to remind your colleagues of the benefits of riding to work.

As the days lengthen and the weather gets better, our friends at Love to Ride will be running their first event of the year to reward, celebrate and encourage riding to work.

Ride to Work Week runs from 12-18 March. It’s completely free for organisations and individuals to register and everyone who logs a ride to work will go into the draw for local bike shop vouchers, a European city break and Love to Ride’s annual global prize draw for a trip to Italy or San Francisco.

Those who already ride to work can check out our tips on how to encourage their colleagues and offer practical advice and support (please forward the link to any of your regular riders who you think would be good advocates), and you can help by purchasing a Boxed Bike Breakfast to offer an easy, low-cost incentive for staff to try riding to work.

Ride to Work Week is the first of Love to Ride’s calendar of events for 2018 and a great opportunity for workplaces to build their teams for Cycle September, a national competition between workplaces to see which can get the most people to try riding a bike. It follows hot on the heels of our new Cycle to Work Day on Wednesday 15 August and is a great way to engage staff in a fun team-building programme that promotes wellbeing and sustainability.

Love to Ride deliver behaviour change programmes around the world to get more people on bikes and have engaged 325,000 people from 18,000 workplaces. Their platform and events provide a great way for your committed cyclists to share their passion and enthusiasm with their colleagues.

This can help you to have a happier, healthier, wealthier and more productive workforce, as well as making substantial savings on NICs though employees’ Cyclescheme purchases.