Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Cyclescheme has affiliations across the cycling industry that can provide additional benefits for you and your staff. Here’s a round-up:

Cyclescheme provides huge benefits to your employees and your business. Your staff save money on a new bike and equipment. You save money on employer national insurance contributions and get happier, healthier, and more productive staff. But thats not the whole story. 

Cyclescheme has cycle industry partners who bring even more good stuff to the table. There are extra discounts available for your staff. There are services you can tap into to help you encourage your staff to start or keep cycling. And there are affiliations that reinforce the fact that were all on the same team when it comes to promoting cycling. Here well look at who these partners are, why Cyclescheme is affiliated to them, and what they offer as an additional benefit. 



Who? Bikmo are cycle insurance specialists, offering cover for accidental damage, theft, clothing, accessories and more. They wont balk at insuring high-value bikes, and cover is available worldwide for everything from commuting to racing. Bikmo settled 98% of claims in 2020 and is platinum-rated by customer feedback service Feefo. 

Why? Anyone with a bike they value needs cycle insurance. Cyclescheme participants tend to have higher-priced bikes than average, due to the savings available via the scheme. Plus, monthly payments still have to be made on a stolen bike. 

What? Cyclescheme customers are eligible for exclusive pricing, plus 14 days free insurance on signing up to Bikmo as a new customer. More details here. 

Cycling UK 

Cycling UK

Who? Cycling UK is the national cycling charity. Founded in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club, it now campaigns for and promotes cycling for all, with the aim of getting millions more people riding regularly. Currently only around 2% of trips are made by bike; Cycling UK wants to change that to 25% in the long term. 

Why? Cycling UK campaigns for better transport cycling provision – for example, getting the Highway Code to be more cycle friendly. It gets potholes repaired through its FillThatHole app. It even goes to court to fight precedent-setting cases that affect cyclists. 

What? Cyclescheme registered employers can save 20% on their Cycle Friendly Employer accreditation, perhaps gaining the Gold accreditation like Cyclescheme. Being a cycle-friendly employer has lots of benefits, so why not maximise them? 

British Cycling 

British Cycling

Who? British Cycling is the national governing body for cycle sport in Great Britain. Its committed to inspiring more people to ride more often, whether thats for sport, recreation, or transport. It lobbies local and national government to improve conditions for cycling.  

Why? British Cycling is the countrys largest cycling organisationThe majority of its members are not racers, but leisure and commuting cyclists, who enjoy benefits such as third-party liability insurance and legal support when theyre riding their bikes. 

What? 25% off any British Cycling membership package for your employees. A British Cycling Commute membership (there are Race, Ride, and Fan options as well) is thus £30 per year instead of £40.  



Who? Busby is an award-winning fitness safety app that automatically detects if you've had a crash or fall. If youre unresponsive, it then alerts up to five emergency contacts and tells them where you are. You can also use Busby for safer group rides and to request help from nearby users. 

Why? Most cycle commuters ride on their own rather than in a group so have no one to look out for them if they have an incident. On a quiet road or cycle route it could be a long time before someone comes across you. Busby changes that. Cycling Weekly magazine rated it the best app for road safety 

What? 50% off the annual fee for the fully-featured, premium version of the app. Normally £19.99, it£9.99 for Cyclescheme participants . 

Love to Ride

Love to Ride

Who? Love to Ride is a behaviour-change platform designed to get more people cycling more often. Participants fill in a survey to identify the support they need, log and share their cycling journeys with colleagues, set themselves cycling goals, and earn rewards and prizes from riding.  

Why? Love to Ride shares Cycleschemes mission to boost the numbers of everyday cyclists. A Love to Ride community page provides you and your staff with an online hangout for sharing rides, photos, and cycling information, reinforcing their commitment to cycle commuting. 

What? A free Love to Ride community page for your workplace. Your staff can register for free too. Just sign up, download the app – or connect via a Strava or MapMyFitness account – and start logging rides. 



Who? BikeRegister is the UKs national, police-approved marking and registration scheme. If your bike is stolen and recovered by the police, theyll find your information on the database and return your bike. Security marker kits are available to deter thieves and make your bike even easier to identify. 

Why? While insurance is essential for replacing a stolen bike thats never found, BikeRegister enables bikes that are found to be reunited with their owners. BikeRegister security markers deter theft in the first place, because the bike is clearly traceable. 

What? Employees can choose to have their Cyclescheme bike auto-registered for peace of mind. If they do, theyll also get a 15% discount on BikeRegister marking kits.  

Cycle to Work Alliance

Cycle to Work Alliance

Who? The Cycle to Work Alliance is a coalition of the five largest providers of the Cycle to Work Scheme, including Cyclescheme. It liaises with HMRC to make the Cycle to Work Scheme more accessible to employees and better suited to their needs. 

Why? Everyones a winner when more people commute by bike, and the Cycle to Work scheme is playing a critical role in turning would-be, could-be, should-be cyclists into regular cyclists. Before joining the scheme, 64% of participants were non-cyclists, novice cyclists, or occasional cyclists. 

What? The Cycle to Work Alliance helps adapt and improve the Cycle to Work scheme. For example, the Alliance successful argued for changes to make bikes costing over £1,000 readily available through the scheme. 

Cycling Marketing Board

Cycling Marketing Board

Who? The Cycling Marketing Board runs advertising campaigns that aim to diversify cyclings image and persuade more people to start cycling. Its a collaboration between cycling brands, retailers, and organisations that was set up after the success of last year#Bikeisbest campaign, which won the Cycle Advocacy Award at the 2020 BikeBiz Awards.  

Why? Cyclescheme is one of the founder partners of the Cycling Marketing Board. Appealing to new cyclists now makes more sense than ever, given the surge in interest in cycling since the start of the pandemic.  

What? Point friends and relatives to the #Bikeisbest website for tips on returning on cycling. They can also pledge to ride their bike more – and you can pledge to invite more friends to ride. And why not share The Best Tool For The Job video on social media?

 #Bikeisbest 2021 from Cyclescheme Ltd on Vimeo.

Bike shops and brands

Ever since its inception in 2005, Cyclescheme has worked closely with bike shops across the country to make the Cycle to Work scheme effortless to implement. Employees can now get bikes and equipment from 2,000 Cyclescheme retailers, both in-store and online.

Cyclescheme also has close ties to many cycling brands, and some of these relationships are exclusive to Cyclescheme. They range from services such as Bikmo (see above) through to bike manufacturers like Islabikes.