Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

New additions to the Marketing Suite

New additions to the Marketing Suite

Our new strikingly eye-catching posters were produced by Jonathan Cherry. You can access them via the MarketingSuite.

We believe promoting our benefits to your colleagues should be easy and effective.

The MySchemes Marketing Suite is continuously being updated with new content to help you promote your benefit scheme in fresh ways. The most recent addition to the Suite is a series of specially commissioned Cyclescheme posters.

The marketing suite can be accessed by logging into your Cyclescheme/MySchemes Account and clicking on the 'Marketing' tab. Within this section you will be able to utilise a bundle of easy to understand tools to help make marketing your schemes easy. For some useful tips on how to get the most out of the Marketing Suite please check out our helpful guide here.


Our New Cyclescheme Posters:

Our 3 new strikingly eye-catching posters were produced by Jonathan Cherry.

"I have worked with Cyclescheme for a number of years now and shot campaigns in both Bath, Bristol and Manchester. More recently I've been asked to shoot a small campaign for some new posters. They took inspiration for a shoot I had done previously and asked if I could do something similar for them using some friends as models in front of brightly coloured backgrounds. I already had a Chromagreen and Cherry backdrop so for the third I purchased a Buttercup coloured one. I then phoned around some friends and organised a time to photograph each of them with some of their cycling gear (helmets, gloves and glasses etc). I spent around an hour with each model over the course of 3 days and was pretty pleased with the results. I used a mixture of natural light with one, tungsten light with another and finally flash guns with the third. After sending over a good selection of images to Cyclescheme they then selected a few that really worked and we tried them in the posters.

It was really fun working with and photographing friends for this campaign and I like to think that the images we created are upbeat, friendly, fun and positive which would encourage others to think about how accessible cycling to work could be for them"

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