5 Bike Security Tips from Cycleguard

Cyclescheme, 19.06.2017

5 Bike Security Tips from Cycleguard

With warmer days and lighter nights here, there’s no better time to be out on your bike or commuting to work. 

But with an estimated 297,000 incidents of bicycle theft occurring in England and Wales last year (Office of National Statistics, Crime in England and Wales, Year ending Dec 2016), not everyone will enjoy a summer of cycling.

That’s why it’s important to do all you can to deter thieves along with insuring your bike, so if it is stolen, you can get back out cycling and continue to enjoy the tax and National Insurance savings as a Cyclescheme member. 

Cycleguard are Cyclescheme’s preferred cycle insurance provider and can help make sure cyclists have the cover they need, with cover for bike theft as standard and the option to protect cycle accessories up to £500 as well. 


To try and reduce the risk of your bike being stolen, take a note of these simple security tips: 

Where to store your bike – When not at home try and use a dedicated bike storage area but if this isn’t possible, lock your bike in a well-lit public area, where people are constantly passing and CCTV is visible. Depending where you keep your bike at home there will be varying security requirements from your insurance provider, so it’s important to take note of these.
How to lock your bike – We know your bike doesn’t just stay indoors, so when leaving it at work always make sure you secure it to an immovable object. Remember your bike is only as secure as what you attach it to. Make sure the object is a closed loop, so potential thieves can’t just lift your locked bike over the top. Also remember to lock your bike through the frame to the object you have secured it to, not just the wheel – as these can easily be removed.
Which bike lock to use – It’s important that you use a lock appropriate to the value of your bike. The majority of bike locks are rated on a ‘Sold Secure’ scale ranging from Bronze to Gold, so check with your insurance provider regarding the type of lock you need. Remember if you don’t use the right lock and your bike is stolen, this can affect your ability to make a claim. Cycleguard will accept any specifically designed bicycle, motor scooter or motorcycle lock for bicycles up to and including the value of £1200.

Lock Positions

Security Marking – Making it visible that your bike is security marked, can help to deter some thieves. But if you don’t want to visibly mark your bike, there are UV etching kits available. Along with physically tagging your bike, it’s also important that you register it, so if it is stolen the police have a better chance of returning it to you.
Insuring your bike – As a Cyclescheme member if your bike is stolen and you haven’t finished making your monthly payments, you’ll be responsible for replacing it. That’s why it’s worth having insurance so if your bike is stolen, despite being correctly secured, it could be replaced. Whilst including your bike on your household insurance policy may seem easier than taking out a specialist policy, like Cycleguard, it’s important to check you’re getting the level of cover you need, as many household policies won’t cover you if your bike is stolen away from the home. 

For more information on cycle specific insurance, visit www.cycleguard.co.uk/cs15

Plus don’t forget as a Cyclescheme member you will enjoy a 15% discount on your first year’s premium!

Save 15% on Cycleguard Cover

Cycleguard is a trading style of Thistle Insurance Services Limited. Thistle Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Lloyd’s Broker. Registered in England under No. 00338645 Registered office: 68 Lombard Street London EC3V 9LJ. Cyclescheme Limited is an Appointed Representative of Thistle Insurance Services Limited. 


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