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LAST UPDATED: 24/06/2021

Almost at the halfway stage of 2021, where has it gone? The brighter nights and the drier days are here; perfect for that commute. Although demand has been high for the last 18 months, we still traditionally see an increase in demand for bikes throughout the spring and summer.

The good news, the Cycle industry year runs from August - July, so we are on the cusp of the new 2022 models arriving with your local bike dealer and online. Saying that, most of the brands have reported that only small amount will hit out stores in July and Aug with the majority landing in late August/early September.

The most in-demand bikes have predominantly been those that are below £1000, with the models seeing the highest level of demand being the entry-level commuting, road and hardtail bikes. These bikes will remain to have limited stock over the next 12 weeks.

Over the last 18 months stores have adapted and shown a level of resourcefulness that has allowed them to continue supporting and supplying requests for Cyclescheme participants, we expect this to continue into 2022.

In Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales bicycle stores are now granted to trade as normal, though due to the nature and size of many stores, they might have some small restrictions or processes to follow - it’s always worth checking whether these restrictions will be in place prior to visiting.

As you would expect from Cyclescheme, we are working closely with our brands and retailer network to ensure every rider can access a bike. We have a large network of over 2,000 retailers with multiple retailer types to choose from - whether you're looking to pick up a bike locally, online or brand-direct.

Here are our top tips to support you finding the bike of your dreams:

✔ Speak to your local bike store first, call them to ask what they have available.

✔ Use our online click and collect brands or our new brands, Canyon and Planet X.

✔ There is currently more availability and choice of bikes over £1,000 than there is under £1,000.

✔ Check your limit with your employer if you think a premium model or e-bike might be for you.

✔ Pre-order now available with many retailers for new 2022 bikes.

✔ Check the website of our top bike brands, they generally have 'bike finders' that support you finding the bike you want at a local dealer.

✔ Look at categories of bikes like gravel and folding

✔ Exhausted all the above? Complete our Bike Finder form.

✔ Use one of our 'Pop-up' online stores, whilst you cannot redeem your certificate online with these stores, they are ready and set up for Cyclescheme orders via email or phone and ready to ship bikes cross the UK.

✔ Top Brands, Top locations

To save you some time we have identified our top biggest selling brands and the locations where these have been most popular:

  • Giant Tredz, Rutland, Giant Brand stores, Pauls Cycles and Pedal on
  • Trek Sigma, Balfes, Team Cycles, Wheelbase and Leisure Lakes
  • Specialized Rutland, Certini Bicycle Company, Balfes, Specialized Concept stores and Sigma
  • Cannondale Tredz, Wheelbase, Cycles UK, Sigma and Westbrook Cycles
  • Whyte Balfes, Edinburgh Bicycle Coop, Ace Bicycle, Billy Bislands and Mountain Trax
  • Raleigh Raleigh Direct, Tredz, Pure Electric, Smilebikes and Evans Cycles

Components and accessories:

Our retailer network is well stocked with a huge range of accessories and components. If you're struggling to find the new bike you want but have an older bike in the shed, why not consider upgrading it?

Take advantage of our local and online retailers to turn that old bike into a functional one which can support your commute.

To learn more about items that are allowed on the scheme check out our knowledge base article on the topic.

If you can’t find the bike you want...

  • Use our Bike Finder form - we'll do our best to help you find a bike
  • Redeem your eCertificate for another bike at the same retailer
  • Redeem it at a different retailer
  • Cancel and reapply for a package of a different value
Note: If you wish to cancel and reapply, this may take some time - it's worth avoiding this if you can.



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