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Chloe Martin-Brown - South East

Chloe Martin-Brown - South East

I'm the person who has a grim little grin on wet days because I know I'll probably set myself a new personal record.

My poor cream frame probably doesn't thank me for it, it's been a bit wet just lately.

From zero to hero- not having cycled for over a decade I managed 2 bikes in 8 months, almost 2000KM on the clock and joined a club. I chase the sunrise, relish the rain and never hide from the hail stones. I'm a (single speed) fixiegirl.

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 Commuter Tails Vo.I - Chloe

Challenge 1: 

Review of Endura Luminite Jacket.

I've mouthed off enough about being a super commuter enough, it's pretty cool to have a platform to be enthusiastic about something you love and have a platform for that. But one of the other perks of the job is that I also get to review some commuter kit from Endura. The first up was the Luminite Jacket (I got the girly one).

It's what you might call a bright commuter jacket- water proof, highly reflective, it even has a flashing tab in it's back- a flashing jacket folks- that's visibility for you!

I got my Endura Luminite back in early March, and I was prompt off the mark to try it out. Luckily living in London means that it was more of a want than a need. But in the interest of giving it a good trial, on it went.

So my thoughts- firstly, it's MAJORLY reflective, it lights up like a Christmas tree with the slight hint on light on the reflective cuff tabs, the reflective print bits, the reflective trims on the pockets and zips. Which I love. Visibility is a big thing for me, knowing my jacket makes me this visible means that this is one less thing to worry about.

Some other features- it has vents under the arms which can be unzipped for extra breathability, 2 side pockets, a large back zip pocket and a front pocket, there's the dropped hem at the back to keep it from riding too far up and to keep as much of me dry in the rain, and there's the thoughtfully soft lining in the collar so there's no nasty chaffing.

So far so good, but there are also a few cons here. Having worn the jacket a few times now, it's definitely winter kit for me. Anything above about 8 degrees and however good my baselayer is, it's time to sweat hard. It's certainly difficult for me to wear my jacket in current warm and sticky climes and it's going to be a goodly while before it's comfortable to be wear.

The jacket is certainly water and wind proof, so when winter does come, it's going to serve me well, along with that visibility. But the light-up bit I got so excited about? Well it sits exactly where my rucksack does. No Christmas Tree lights for Chloe. Having tried panniers before, I know they're not for me, so the fact that the Luminite's biggest unique feature is pointless when wearing a rucksack as many commuters do, leaves me a tiny bit miffed and the housing for the light can be a tough uncomfortable with all that too.

Trailing my new @endura luminite jacket presently- dare you to miss me!

Fit-wise, it's not so bad. I chose a medium, which according to the Endura size measurements is a about true to my dress size, and whilst it's a tiny bit snug across the *girls* it's not bad. So long story short....

Seriously bright
Seriously reflective
Lots of pockets

Not especially breathable
Light fitting obscured by rucksack
Reasonable but not amazing fit

I'll be reviewing more Endura kit through the year, and if you've ever bought it or trialled it, I'd love to hear about your review.


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