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Ben Ford - London

Ben Ford - London

I've been cycling to work for years, slowly upgrading from a BMX to a Steel Racer and now finally I've got myself a Carbon Fibre which is a dream!


I teach Physics at an all boys Secondary School and have established a Cycle Club taking them regularly to train at the Herne Hill Velodrome. I think it is crucial to get teenagers of the buses and on to bike.

My favourite part of cycling is the ridiculously fantastic clothes!

Ben's Commuter Tales video: 

Challenge No2:

The hesitant cyclist!

We asked the Super Commuters to approach a hesitant cyclist in their workplace and talk to them, in a bid to understand any barriers that stand in the way of getting them in the saddle and riding to work. Here is how Ben got on!

Ed spends just under two hours travelling to work everyday in the morning, followed by a journey of the same length, returning home in the evening. All this on London’s reliable but packed public transport.

Ed does this because he has a job he loves in North London and a home he loves in South London.

Ed’s idea was to buy a car to make the journey. Ed also swims a couple of evenings a week to keep fit.

As a cyclist who has been commuting on a bicycle for several years there was one obvious solution to Ed’s commuting and fitness needs..... A bike.

Cornering him, we discussed why he didn’t ride. His main concerns were the cost of the bike, showering at work but mostly he was worried about the security of the bike.

We managed to solve the first with the cycle to work scheme; spreading the cost of a handsome £600 Raleigh racer over 12 months. Cleaning himself at work is still a little trouble as he has no shower there, but he keeps his work clothes there to save on the baggage he is carrying and uses a couple of trusty wet wipes along with some talc to freshen upon arrival.

To keep the bike safe, he got two Kryptonite D-locks and a cable to keep the whole thing secure at work - which also live at work to lighten the ride back and forth.

Ed’s commute now takes 45 minutes either way, multi-tasking this commute with keeping fit so he’s only swimming in the evenings a couple of times a month, freeing up more time. The biggest gain of all though, is he has joined the cycling community.

Challenge No1:

Review your Endura Luminite II Jacket:

First thing about this jacket you’ll notice is it is BRIGHT. No one will be missing you whilst you’re sporting this piece of kit. Gleaming yellow colour, reflective silver trimmings, then finished with a flashing LED a the bottom of the back, all these will ensure you’re certainly seen on the road.

This jacket is warmer and I break a sweat far more easily in it than other, thinner, jackets I’ve worn but it makes up for this in the downpour protection. In light rain or a brief downpour you’ll keep respectively dry in this, which is a must have for any year-round commuter. Plenty storage available on the inside and outside of the coat means you can minimise the need for a back pack.

The medium size fits me perfectly but a more tailored fit around the arms and chest would make me happier to make the jacket feel less cumbersome whilst off the bike. The LED light can be a pain to turn on and to fix in to the right position whilst wearing gloves and it is quickly covered if you’re riding with a backpack.

A quality piece of kit this which is the right kind of price you’ll want to be spending. It’ll keep you dry on your commute and keep you seen. If the weather changes for the sunnier, you’ll certainly warm up and get sweaty though; luckily however, it’ll cram into your back jersey pocket if you needs be.


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