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Northern Ireland’s capital city is compact enough to get around easily by bike but there’s work to do to make it...

07.02.2022 By Cyclescheme


Within the last decade, Britain’s second largest city has taken big steps in improving provision for cycling.

04.08.2021 By Cyclescheme


Despite hills and some busy roads, Bristol is one of Britain’s better cities for cycling. Here’s what you need to know.

03.08.2021 By Cyclescheme


Wales’s biggest city is flat and compact, making it well suited for bikes if cycling infrastructure continues to...

03.08.2021 By Cyclescheme


A bike is one of the best ways to get around Scotland’s busy capital. Just watch out for those tram tracks.

04.08.2021 By Cyclescheme


Devon’s county town is compact city whose queues of stationary commuter traffic should make cycling the obvious...

09.05.2022 By Cyclescheme


Scotland’s largest city has undergone an economic and cultural renaissance. Could a transport revolution follow?

04.08.2021 By Cyclescheme


Leeds is the biggest city in Yorkshire and its unofficial capital.

19.10.2021 By Cyclescheme


Liverpool’s identity is rooted in its location on the Mersey Estuary.

19.10.2021 By Cyclescheme


London is enjoying a cycling renaissance, with cyclist numbers up and facilities spreading.

03.08.2021 By Cyclescheme


The northern city has some catching up to do with transport cycling but its plans don’t lack for ambition.

03.08.2021 By Cyclescheme


Like most cities, Newcastle is trying to improve its provision for cyclists.

25.11.2021 By Cyclescheme


Famous for its university, whose alumni include Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking, Cambridge is also...

28.03.2024 By Cyclescheme


The heyday of this iconic seaside town may be behind it but Blackpool remains a popular resort – and one with lots...

07.03.2024 By Cyclescheme


Wales’s third largest city is just 12 miles from its capital, Cardiff, yet has its own distinct identity and cycling...

11.01.2024 By Cyclescheme


Scotland’s fourth largest city is small by UK standards but punches above its weight in terms of culture, science...

11.01.2024 By Cyclescheme


One of the UK’s biggest towns, Northampton is surrounded by rolling, village-dotted countryside. It’s no Cambridge...

16.11.2023 By Cyclescheme


The city of dreaming spires hasn’t been designed for bikes yet its historic streets teem with cyclists. When more...

18.09.2023 By Cyclescheme


Transport has been key part of this East Midlands city’s economy since the railways arrived. Cycling hasn’t been...

08.09.2023 By Cyclescheme


The sprawling Staffordshire city is best known for its pottery industry but was also one of Cycling England’s...

25.08.2023 By Cyclescheme

Milton Keynes

The modernist city of roundabouts, concrete cows and delivery robots also has lots of green space and an extensive...

13.06.2023 By Cyclescheme

Brighton & Hove

Socially progressive and governed by the Greens, the East Sussex city ought to be fertile ground for a transport...

11.04.2023 By Cyclescheme


The county town of Leicestershire is a cosmopolitan city that’s taking an unusually proactive attitude toward cycle...

23.03.2023 By Cyclescheme


It’s been the wool capital of the world and the curry capital of Britain. Transport cycling has an uphill struggle,...

09.02.2023 By Cyclescheme


Getting to Reading by rail or road is easy. Getting around it by bike isn’t nearly as good as should be.

19.01.2023 By Cyclescheme


The West Midlands city has a rich cycling heritage but that isn’t reflected in its 21st century transport plans....

09.01.2023 By Cyclescheme


The UK’s most northerly big city is famous for its oil industry but if you’re confident in traffic it’s well suited...

01.11.2022 By Cyclescheme


Easy terrain and a progressive attitude towards transport makes cycling a natural choice in and around the Norfolk's...

05.10.2022 By Cyclescheme


With easy terrain, a growing cycle network, and some lovely riding on its doorstep, Southampton is decent city for...

30.09.2022 By Cyclescheme


Devon’s biggest city needs more infrastructure but is compact enough that you can get anywhere by bike – and enjoy...

23.09.2022 By Cyclescheme


The South Yorkshire city may have big hills, busy traffic, and tramlines but it’s readily negotiable by bike.

22.12.2021 By Cyclescheme


Did you know more bikes used to be made in Nottingham than anywhere in the world.

09.12.2021 By Cyclescheme